« Grand O » is a short film and graphic novel born from the collaboration between Nicola Andreani (screenplay) and Sarah Bouillaud (photography).

The sandy forests of Fontainebleau and the ocean beaches of Charente-Maritime were chosen to recreate the lunar landscape of this dreamlike and surreal narrative. It took a few hundred photos and photomontages to tell this lyrical story that slowly reveals itself in the black and white of the images.

This project is unique in its design and vision: photography dialogues with twentieth-century photo-novels, expanding its technical and artistic possibilities thanks to photomontage and a narration through images held together by poetry which, expanding in the physical spaces of the photos, reverberates a human experience.


A distant war, a journey through the darkness of consciousness, through the labyrinths of his own ghosts and obsessions. Le Grand O is the story of a man losts in the landscape of his soul who doesn’t want to surrender to bewilderment. Le Grand O is also the story of a man who has been given a second chance: by deciphering the message brought by the sea, he maybe can save himself. Le Grand O is an Orlando Furioso, a knight who has lost his consciousness and has set out in search of him. A man who will be able to walk the path that will lead him to a mature freedom. Probably, it’s only by accepting himself disarmed in the great silence of the world, that revealed the true greatness of this man.

In addition to the short film, a photo novel will be published with the same selection of photographies and a poetic narrative. An excerpt on ISSUU : Le Grand O



« Le grand O » est un court-métrage né de la collaboration entre Nicola Andreani (scénariste) Sarah Bouillaud (photographe).

Les forêts de sable de Fontainebleau et les plages océaniques de la Charente-Maritime ont été choisies pour recréer le paysage lunaire de ce récit onirique et surréaliste. Il a fallu quelques centaines de photos pour raconter l’histoire d’un naufragé qui, rêvant de son retour, commence d’abord à fantasmer, puis à inventer une fin différente de celle qui l’attend.

Au-déla du court-métrage on a prévu un roman-photo avec la même sélection de photographies et une narration poétique. Un extrait en ISSUU : Le Grand O


« Il grand O » è un cortometraggio che nasce dalla collaborazione tra Nicola Andreani (sceneggiatore) Sarah Bouillaud (fotografa).

Le foreste sabbiose di Fontainebleau e le spiagge oceaniche della Charente-Maritime sono state scelte per ricreare il paesaggio lunare di questa narrazione onirica e surreale. Ci sono volute qualche centinaio di foto per raccontare la storia di un naufrago che, sognando il suo ritorno, comincia prima a fantasticare e poi ad inventarsi una fine diversa da quella che lo attende.

Oltre al romanzo fotografico, è stato realizzato un fotoromanzo con la stessa selezione di fotografie e una narrazione poetica. Un estratto su ISSUU : Il Grand O